Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Seer Awakens, The Legion Arises

In a hidden, infinitely expansive pocket dimension, the eons long slumber of Titansaber was disrupted by troubling visions. Legions of Cyborg Space Barbarian automatons marched behind a Space Wizard Sorcerer on a planet of black sand and glowing pyramids somewhere in the dimension known as The Omega. An army, bent upon inter-dimensional destruction was forming. Balance was about to be eternally disrupted.
The Zyldrani Seer's eyes buzzed to life with a yellow glow. 
Titansaber had awakened.

Rocketing through a crackling energy storm emerging from an interdimensional rift, Galaxxor 020 surveyed the turbulent void of space before him. Since destruction of Cerberus and the ensuing collapse of The Lazarus Sector, the barrier between reality and unreality had become paper thin. Undulating  tears in the dimensional fabric appeared with greater and greater frequency, spewing the aw chaos of The Omega into reality. Super powered Space Wizards and their twisted warbands emerged into The Alpha, bent upon destruction and plundering. 
Suddenly, with a thunderous clap and an explosion of cyan light, a sliver clad Zyldrani appeared before Galaxxor 020.

Galaxxor. I am Titansaber, most ancient of the Zyldrani Seers. There is a legion of evil the likes of which this dimension has never seen preparing to unleash it's destruction upon The Alpha. 
You must join me. We must travel into The Omega, itself, to eliminate this threat, before all that you have even known is laid to waste.

I'm extremely excited to announce the drop of my latest figure, Titansaber/Galaxxor 020. Once again featuring the Zyldrani Seer head sculpted by my man Jarrod Penfold, of Wednesday Toys , Titansaber/Galaxxor 020 is cast in black vinyl and sports a really nice silver application, as well as some cyan, magenta, yellow and black aps. There are a couple of new paint details on the Zyldrani head as well as a new tampo on the Galaxxor dome. I'm very pleased with how all of this came out and am looking forward to even further experimentation/exploration with more complex aps and combos.
 07.13.17 at 8pm Central from
As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Titansaber/Galaxxor 020 will come with both the Zyldrani Seer head and the dome head, for both display/character options. They will be $30 each.
As always, sincerest thanks for your continued support! All manner of craziness is on the horizon. I hope that you're enjoying this as much as I am!

Friday, April 28, 2017

A Path to the Gate Between Worlds- Enter the Zyldrani

Originating from a time eons prior to the existence of the known Galaxxorverse, the Zyldrani are an ancient bio-mechanical race of inter-dimensional beings who have mastered the ability to travel between worlds. Now in the waning stages of their once great civilization, the Zyldrani serve as watchers who maintain balance between dimensions. Any being possessing the ability to control or manipulate the long forgotten paths and gates of The Zyldrani Empire would immediately become a threat to inter-dimensional balance. It is for this reason that the existing Zyldrani Seers remain vigilant in their quest to maintain balance and keep their ancient secrets hidden from malevolent forces.
Youngest among the Zyldrani Seers is Xul-Kulkan, known throughout the dimensions as "Astrokaizer". Astrokaizer's ambitious nature and willingness to interact with other races has made him a legendary figure in the dimension known as The Alpha. When Azralok and his cabal of Space wizards manipulated one of the lost Zyldrani gates into a path directly into The Omega, Astrokaizer had to make his presence known...

Galaxxor 008 levitated in a lotus position, just above the needle-shaped space station known as "Zaraggana". In the scrying portal before him, the events of the battle on the space station Cerberus played out before him in an infinity loop. He watched as three of his brothers were joined by the being known as Astrokaizer in battle against the Space Barbarian Azralok and his 13 Space Wizard henchmen. Galaxxor 008 looked on as the pyramidal space fortress shuddered and crumbled and Azralok and his Space Wizards retreated into The Cerberus Gate.
The scrying portal suddenly began to crackle with cosmic instability, and gradually expanded into a swirling gate. At its center appeared Astrokaizer.
Galaxxor 008, I am Xul-Kulkan. I have come to warn you that your enemies have now at their disposal ancient cosmic magiks far beyond anything you have ever known. I ask you for your help in hunting these foul beings down and maintaining inter-dimensional balance..."

With the introduction of the Zyldrani Seer head type, we now see the beginnings of my plan to make the Galaxxor form into an expandable platform, suitable for an ongoing collection of a wide range of characters and races. My good friend, Jarrod, of Wednesday Toys really knocked it out of the park with the digital sculpting on my new head design and I'm absolutely honored to add his work to the official production Galaxxor mix. I'm still amazed at how he took the concept and was able to make it blend so seamlessly into the existing Galaxxor aesthetic. And stay tuned! There's even more exciting stuff from Jarrod and me, just around the corner!
I really think of the Astrokaizer drop as the beginning of "Phase 2" for production Galaxxor, and I couldn't be more excited to announce that Astrokaizer/Galaxxor 008 will be available for purchase on 04.30.17 at 8pm Central from
As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Astrokaizer/Galaxxor 008 will come with both the Zyldrani Seer head and the dome head, for both display/character options. They will be $30 each.
Hopefully, this latest offering is starting to give you a taste of where I'm headed with this project. The sky is the limit! As always, I'm honored that you've decided to come along with me on this crazy cosmic ride!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Crisis in The Lazarus Sector- The Cerberus Gate

At the heart of the pyramidal space fortress Cerberus, an ancient Zyldrani inter-dimensional gate rumbled under the influence of a dark ritual. Deep in concentration, the Cyborg Space Barbarian Azralok and his cadre of thirteen Space Wizards stood at equidistant points around the perimeter of the crackling reality chasm. Undulating tentacles of unreality licked at the oily air of Cerberus's inner sanctum as a flickering hologram of Lord Gorgax oversaw the ceremony.
With a grinding mechanical groan, the entirety of Cerberus shuddered, and warning klaxons began to echo throughout the fortress. Azralok looked away towards the blinking hologram of Gorgax.
"Don't stop now, you fools!" it growled, "The ritual has begun! We must harness the full power of The Omega!"

With the fortress's defensive barriers dropped, Galaxxor 005 rocketed through the labyrinthine hallways of Cerberus. The influence of The Omega had spread throughout the entirety of the bio-mechanical pyramidal structure. Hallways twisted and warped. Ceilings became floors. Bulkhead doors opened into nothingness. Time stretched. Time snapped. Had he been in Cerebrus for hours? Days? Years?
Three massive "thuds" echoed behind him, and Galaxxor 005 turned to see Galaxxor 002, Galaxxor 011, and a warrior in violet armor with a conical helm. With a deep, vibrating hum, crackles of blackness filled the air around them. Alien energies aligned and focused upon the wall before them, melting a gaping hole into the inner sanctum of Cerberus.
"This ends now!" The violet armored warrior roared.

I'm super stoked to announce that my latest production vinyl figure, Galaxxor 005/Azralok will be available for purchase on 03.15.17 at 8pm Central from
As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Galaxxor 005/Azralok will come with both the horned head and the dome head, for both display/character options. They will be $30 each.
As always, sincerest thanks for all of your continued support. I'm always floored and humbled that so many of you want to join me on this crazy journey!

So, what's the deal with that purple dude?

Space Wizards?